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New Covid Variant

By: Anna Boyd The COVID-19 Pandemic has been racing through the world since 2019. We have seen many cases arise in different areas while in other areas it has died down. COVID has not fully gone away since scientists discovered it. No matter how many precautions the CDC […]

COVID-19 Today 

By: Anna Boyd  COVID-19 is still affecting thousands of people daily. Since the vaccines have been out and approved, they have been authorized for emergency use. The CDC has since reported tens of millions first doses and people fully vaccinated.  The Pfizer vaccine was the first vaccine to be approved by the […]

Nursing After a Pandemic

By: Anna Boyd Healthcare providers are overworked and placed in life-threatening positions daily. Since the start of this deadly pandemic, they have faced heartbreak and devastation like never before. Many were placed in poor work conditions having to reuse PPE to save their lives, they even lived at […]

Religion During the Pandemic

By Josie Barton Religious services and gatherings have been put on hold throughout the 2020-2021 pandemic. People are finding unique ways to communicate and engage with the church while still following national guidelines. Thiel College Pastor Brian Riddle provides insight on religious gatherings and how they have been […]

The NFL and COVID-19

By: John Robbins During the weekend of October 3rd, almost three NFL games were affected by the Coronavirus. The first game affected was the Tennessee Titans against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Twenty players and staff members from Tennessee tested positive for COVID-19, leading to the postponement of the Steelers […]

Thiel About Corona Virus

Dear Thiel College Community, From its earliest days, Thiel College has been an adaptive community, supporting students to pursue their education while responding to new contexts and challenges. It is in that spirit that the College has decided to reduce activities on campus over the next three weeks […]