Time Management

By Josie Barton

Trying to manage academics, social life, and for some, athletics, can be stressful and time consuming. Try using this method to control your time wisely, instead of wasting it attempting to remember all the events and commitments you have.

Google Calendar, or any other date and time tracker calendar works great to manage your time. I put my commitments on my calendar and color coordinate different events. Online calendars are quick and easy ways to direct and order your affairs.

Different classes and course work can be color-coded differently, along with extracurricular activities and sports. You can also differentiate or separate your work or your job hours.

I find that if I mark every occasion that I have for an entire month into my online calendar, I can best manage my hours. Each month, I have different commitments, and adding new events is easy and efficient.

Calendars online are also very easy to access because most college students carry their phone around with them throughout the entire day. If you need to change or add an event, your list of affairs is easily accessible.

For some, physically writing down commitments and events works best. If this is the case, invest in a tabbed yearly planner and use colored markers to color ordinate your events.

Time management is very important to the average college student who carries many competing commitments on their shoulders. A digital or physical calendar can easily take the stress of time management away.

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