The End of a Difficult Year and the Beginning of the Rest of their Lives

By: Chima Omeihe

It is crazy how time flies, and now we are heading towards the end of the April. May is just around the corner with only 9 days remaining as the month approaches. What I can say is that May 9th will be the biggest moments for a lot of seniors for the class of 2020 and class of 2021.

People might start working, some people might take a gap year and focus on themselves, and some might go for a master’s degree, or maybe even a PH. d whatever the path is go for it.

This year has been a tough year, having to wear a mask in classrooms, out in public, and students possibly having to be quarantined and isolated away from the world. It has been tough for a lot of students. But what I can say is for us students try to finish strong for these next two weeks and give it our best to make our parents and family members proud.

In conclusion, it has been a tough year but what I can say a lot of seniors can enjoy the May 9th moment.

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