A Year of Losses and Making Up for Lost Time

by Trou Johnson

One year ago, Covid-19 had some of its biggest effects on graduating college students. All across the world colleges were sending students home, switching courses to online, and canceling sporting events and graduations. Here on Thiel’s Campus students were already home learning that the class of 2020 will not be having a ceremony.

During those dark and uncertain days, I talked to a few seniors about how they were being affected by COVID-19. Several people told me job opportunities lost, not knowing how to move forward — and they all were upset and “robbed” of the graduation ceremonies and celebrations.

This year, as the pandemic begins to get under control, Thiel is doing its best to make it up by having two graduation ceremonies. One for the class of 2021, as expected, and the other for last year’s lost class of 2020.

Thiel’s consideration is appreciated throughout the student body. However, it may not help some of the out-of-state or country 2020 seniors.

Even though there is a graduation ceremony still things are not back to normal. There are still COVID-19 restrictions. Each student will only be allowed four visitors to the ceremony. Although it can’t be helped, for big families like mine, it is disappointing.

Some seniors are also having trouble finding job placement after graduation — not only because it is not safe to travel but because of experiences and goals they could not accomplish due to the pandemic. It has already been a little more than a year of COVID-19, and things seem to be headed in the right direction but in reality, the pandemic is still here and is still playing a big role in people’s lives.

We can try to make up for lost time but there are things we may never get back.

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