The Arms Race in America

By Josie Barton

Allegheny County police reported to Ross Park Mall at 4:30pm on Saturday, May 29th. A fight broke out resulting in gunfire, causing casual shoppers to run and hide to save their lives in a moment’s notice.

Police report that a fight broke out between five or six people, yet shoppers report that they heard one-to-three-gun shots.

Shoppers ran to the nearest stores and hid in dressing rooms, under clothing racks, and behind counters. Shoppers were in lockdown for over one hour, staying quiet and out of view from the potential attack.

After the shooting, police took two teen boys into custody, recovering three guns after the fight. Police said there were no reported injuries.

City police report that there has been a spike in gun sales, especially this year. Stress from major social changes, including the Coronavirus pandemic, protests, high profile crimes, and the national election cause the change in gun sales.

Major social changes cause a variety of people to buy guns. According to the New York Times, new gun owners were less likely than usual to be male and white. Half were women, a fifth were black and a fifth were Hispanic.

This increase in buying altered the number of guns Americans use for household protection. The New York Times reported that 39% of American households now own guns.

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