Dear Taylor

Nervous Boyfriend


My girlfriend and I have been dating for several years (since before Freshman Year) and are in our Senior Year now. I was wondering how do I ask her to move in with me after graduation. I already have a job lined up and I’m starting to look at places and want to take that step with her. How should I go about it?

– A Nervous Boyfriend


Dear Nervous Boyfriend,

Congratulations on the job and on your upcoming graduation! I understand that you and your girlfriend have been together for long time. If moving in together is so important, why don’t you propose to her? However, if you feel that getting engaged it is too big of a step, another option would be to talk to her and see what her thoughts are on moving in together. Also, ask her what her parents would think of this step. If they might your in-laws one day, it is better to start off on the right foot! Good Luck!

With Love,


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