28 Million Children to Receive Covid-19 Vaccine with White House Plan

Image Credit: AAMC
By: Dylan Evans

Washington, D.C., Oct. 20: The White House announced that in two weeks, legislature will be detailing a plan to distribute vaccines to school children ages 5-11.

Over the next two weeks, federal regulators will discuss the benefits of vaccinating school children, after taking many studies of the effects of the vaccine into account.

With this plan, the children will be able to receive the vaccination from their pediatrician, local pharmacy, and even distributed in schools.

Within hours of the approval of the federal meetings, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began discussing distribution of smaller needles necessary for children.

The CDC also began shipping doses of the vaccine nation-wide to local facilities.

The Biden administration also noted that this distribution of the vaccines will not resemble the mass rollout at the beginning of 2021. A surplus of the Pfizer vaccine has been produced, and an estimated 28 million children are already deemed legible to receive the shot. The White House has ensured that widespread availability for the shot has been approved and is guaranteed.

To assist the 25,000 pediatrician facilities that have agreed to distribute the shots, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has aided with funding to speed up the process.

The Biden administration has also administered a campaign to educate families and parents formerly and thoroughly about the effects and positives of the vaccine. This is to properly educate the populous with the mass misinformation about the vaccine and the supposed negative effects that have since been debunked by the CDC.

Though the effects of Covid-19 are lesser on children, and they are at lower risk, there are still several benefits to be had from vaccinating them. The spread of the disease will be lowered, and it will allow the education system to get back on track without distraction or inconvenience to the school children’s learning process.

The U.S. has purchased 65 million shots of the vaccine for adults and children— roughly a third of the vaccines necessary to efficiently prevent the spread of Covid-19.

About 219 million Americans aged 12 and up, or 66% of the total population, have received a COVID-19 shot and nearly 190 million are fully vaccinated.

With any hope, this campaign from the CDC and Biden administration will allow the education of the country’s young minds to continue without further distraction. The school children have been unfortunately burdened by the pandemic, and every day the country strives closer to regaining the normal life many wish to regain.

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