What You Need to Hear This Week Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By: Samantha Jones

Aries: Work on improving your self-worth this week. Many people have turned down life-changing opportunities due to fear of making a fool out of themselves. You have many great qualities, Aries. Reflect within and find reasons why you are capable of doing more than you can imagine.

Taurus: Trust your intuition this week, bull. The fog may have begun to clear for you in an uncertain situation. Although all the pieces may not have come together yet, you need to trust that the truth is coming to light and that the way forward will soon become obvious.

Gemini: You may be presented with an opportunity or situation that you have mixed feelings about, Gemini. Think of it as when you drive a car; It has many benefits and it’s much faster than a bike or walking. It comes with risks too, however. You have somewhat control of your safety, but not how the other people on the road act. Yet you still use a car. Reflect on that.

Cancer: One of your many remarkable traits is seeing the good in others, moonchild. This is a beautiful way to go about life but keep your guard up in the upcoming weeks. Someone is going to potentially use your kindness and take it for weakness. It is great to be kind, but kindness without boundaries is self-destruction.

Leo: Although you may come off as confident, there might be that one thing about yourself that you let get under your skin. My homework for you this week, Lion, is to reflect on why that one thing morphs your self-image so much. Treat yourself tenderly, and allow yourself to feel completely good about yourself.

Virgo: You’ve might have noticed a change in thought about your energy lately. You may be noticing more people are attracted to your vibe, and you yourself are becoming more attracted to the idea of self-love. Take some time to appreciate how far you have come with how you view yourself and the world around you

Libra: Your creativity levels may have heightened recently and you’ve potentially started getting some big ideas. Don’t let these just be ideas, start envisioning them. This week may be a good time to start making a dream board.

Scorpio: Stress can be a good thing, but not if you can’t manage it. Panic always makes everything worse, so with a clear head, this week try your best to figure out what you need to do in order to feel more at peace, even under pressure.

Sagittarius: You may have made an assumption about a situation or a person recently, and in the back of your head you may be second-guessing yourself. Time spent reflecting is time well spent. Dig a little deeper into this situation.

Capricorn: Small inconveniences can add up and have you feeling overwhelmed and drained by the end of the day. If you keep your head, your days can be spectacular. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and the big stuff will take care of itself.

Aquarius: You have a beautiful heart, and are a humanitarian by nature. You may feel that recently, you’ve been having to give that energy more to yourself, and focus less on others. I’m here to assure you that you’re still seen, and noticed, for your good humanity.

Pisces: These feelings you have this week may feel like they are going to last forever, but fortunately feelings don’t work like that. Find peace with this, and that the feelings you have right now will pass.

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