Entrepreneurs on Campus: Devyn Giovengo

By: Samantha DiBucci

Sept. 26th, 2022: Hidden on Thiel College’s campus is a variety of different entrepreneurs.

One on campus is Devyn Giovengo. A Creative Director out of Pittsburgh, PA, he does all sorts of things on and off campus. He is better known as “Gio Made It” and does graphic design, marketing, music videos, photography, and promo videos.

Gio’s story starts in the sixth grade. He decided to start Gio’s Customizing and Repair. He bought shoes and resold them. Catch is that he would repair and customize them; so they were one of a kind. He had a website to sell them but was not able enough to have a set domain yet in life.

His artsy story does not end there. High school opened new opportunities for Gio. He started to get more into the design process – from the start. He started learning more about media and decided to look into fashion. Fast forward – he started his own clothing brand.

One can find and shop his brand at http://www.visionsattire.com, or go to one of his pop-up shops. Gio had his first pop up shop back in August on the sixth. He sold out of all of his merchandise within three to four hours. It was hosted in the West Side of Pittsburgh at the American Legion in Sheraden. He plans on having another pop-up event at the same location on December seventeenth.

Gio said that the next pop-up shop will,

“…have a bunch of new gear new. Shirts, new hoodies. I got some scarves, some tapestries, some ski masks – bunch of crazy stuff!”

He plans on making this pop-up shop twice as big as the last one and push out new merchandise designs on top of his old ones.

His after-college business plans are to move out of Pennsylvania. He dreams of moving down south. He knows people in North Carolina and has been planning long term goals with them.

Gio said on the topic that,

“I wanna be able to have the freedom to just wake up one day and if it’s like I don’t feel like working and I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t have to get out of bed…I wanna in essence, I guess, just like help everybody around me. Help everyone else achieve their dreams as I’m chasing mine.”

Gio then touched on how others should chase their dreams. He said,

“Don’t care about what anyone thinks or says because at the end of the day you’re gonna fall on your face 1,000 times. If you keep striving to get what you want, you’re gonna keep falling on your face…and you know, things happen, but you have to – it sounds cliche – but doesn’t matter how hard you fall, it matters how you get back up. That’s very real. If you’re just caught up worried about what other people are thinking about you and what everyone else is doing, it doesn’t matter you’re gonna fall on your face. People are gonna see and they’ll still go to sleep and wake up the next morning like nothing even happened…It’ll still be lingering on your mind but those people aren’t even thinking about it. They might say something or whatever, but at the end of the day, nothing really matters except for what you have in front of you right now or what you plan to have in front of you. Just stay in your lane, have tunnel vision…if it’s really something you want, go get it.”

Other ways to contact Gio are artworkbygio@gmail.com and at 412-526-0766.

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