Kappa Sigma Completes 28th Annual SeeSaw

Article By: Hannah Stoughton

Video Filmed By Jason Jewett and Isaiah Gorman with edits by Samantha DiBucci and edits/voiceover Lee “Zoey” Hyeonjin.

Sept. 24th, 2022: The Xi Epsilon chapter of Kappa Sigma at Thiel College completed their annual Seesaw-A-Thon to raise money for military heroes over the weekend of Sept. 23rd.

Every year for the last 28 years, the brothers of Kappa Sigma bring out a large seesaw that they place in the front lawn of the Howard Miller Student Center. For 72 hours straight, brothers and other members of the Thiel College community sit outside to collect money for their philanthropy, which is the Military Heroes Campaign.

The Kappa Sigma national fraternity website states that they are committed to giving support and funding to military heroes and their families. They believe that every veteran deserves stability in life and a community that rallies behind them. Kappa Sigma believes in being the community that they think veterans deserve. As a national fraternity, they have raised over $1 million dollars since the adoption of the Military Heroes Campaign.

Aside from raising money for a worthy cause, the members of the Xi Epsilon chapter aim to have fun while they’re raising the money.

“Seesaw is really about raising money for military heroes, but we’re here for the fun as well,” said sophomore Chase Bartholomew, a member of Kappa Sigma. “It’s a good bonding experience, and people have fun when they’re here.”

Last year, Kappa Sigma raised over $4,000 to donate to their cause. This year, they aimed to raise even more. “I’d like to see us raise $10,000 eventually,” said Bartholomew.

The Seesaw-A-Thon is a tradition-based fundraiser that has been a success for Kappa Sigma for years. Sophomore Keith Rager said, “We like to keep the tradition going. We could raise money in other ways, but Seesaw is tradition for us.”

An aspect of Seesaw that is enjoyed by the community is the group of people always standing on the sidewalks of College Avenue to collect money. Participants dance, sing, and interact with the cars that pass through to collect as much money as possible.

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