Fraternity Rush Week at Thiel College

Article By: Nick Sylvis

Video By: Samantha DiBucci

Sept. 26th, 2022: As the week of Sept. 26th rolled around so did the start of Rush Week for the fraternities here at Thiel College.

Thiel has a total of three fraternities Kappa Sigma, Phi Theta Phi, and Sigma Phi Epsilon. Thiel’s fraternities embrace diversity in association, perspectives, and experiences. Each organization consists of members representing a variety of backgrounds, affiliations, and interests. Thiel encourages everyone to participate in Greek Life.

 Each fraternity has scholarship, and leadership opportunities. Some scholarship opportunities include special merit-based scholarships offered to members through a chapter’s national headquarters. Some leadership opportunities include membership, practical skills including public speaking and resource management.

Thiel’s Greek Life prides themselves on their service. Every year, each chapter selflessly raises and donates thousands of dollars to both local and national charitable organizations. Military Heroes, Mercer County Aware, and The Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital being among some of the organizations and foundations Thiel’s Greek Life participates in.

Rush consists of the different fraternities hosting social events and gatherings for potential members to come meet the brothers. This gives both the bothers and the rushers the ability to get to know each other before bids come out. Some of these events included bon fires, a cornhole tournament, a kickball game, and much more!

Conner Lovic Chapter President of Sigma Phi Epsilon said “The best part of rush is bringing in a load of people I have no idea who they are and then I just introduce myself and learn a lot more about a plethora of people”.

Here at Thiel College a freshman Joshua Hall says, “Anyone who is undecided with rushing, I would say should just go so you can get the experience and see what it’s like”.

For Thiel student it takes anywhere between six to eight weeks to be initiated into the brother hood. “One of the biggest myths of rush and fraternities as a whole is the idea of hazing or making people do things they don’t want to do” said President Lovic of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Joshua Hall also added “I found my found my family at the beginning when I got here, which is very exciting”.

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