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Current Staff Writers of the Thielensian (Fall 2022):
- Anna Boyd (Editor-In-Chief)
- Jacob Walsh (Co-Editor)
- Hannah Stoughton (Webmaster)
- Jason Walsh
- Katlyn Phillips
- Colin Schroyer

Tomcats on Top! 

By: Hannah Stoughton  Oct 29th, 2021: Thiel College Cheerleading squad wins NCA Regional Competition.  Tomcat cheer squad competed in the Division III National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) Northeast Region Competition. They faced tough competition and waited days for results.  During the online competition, Thiel performed in front of teams from Tusculum […]

Kyle Rittenhouse Trials 

By: Dylan Evans  Kenosha, Wis., Nov. 5: Earlier this week, Kyle Rittenhouse began facing charges in court for first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree reckless homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide and two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety. He also faces one misdemeanor charge for possession of a dangerous weapon […]

Nursing After a Pandemic

By: Anna Boyd Healthcare providers are overworked and placed in life-threatening positions daily. Since the start of this deadly pandemic, they have faced heartbreak and devastation like never before. Many were placed in poor work conditions having to reuse PPE to save their lives, they even lived at […]

Abortion Laws in 2021

By: Anna Boyd Abortion laws in the United States have been continuously argued for years. In the past year alone, many states have reopened the biggest case in the abortion battle, Roe vs. Wade. The Supreme Court made its decision in 1973 regarding this case, regulating the circumstances […]