Esports the Future of Entertainment?

By Adam Button

“Video games cannot make you a living”, something your parents would say when you have played video games for a whole night. Is it true though? Absolutely not anymore.

The esports side of entertainment has blown up in past years because of everyone couped up in their homes due to the pandemic. More players join the tournaments hosted online and more viewers join the streams of the tournaments. This surge could push esports to become a staple in the entertainment channels.

Popular games for esports usually offer a very strategic aspect to watch. Games like Dota 2, League of Legends and even Counter-Strike Global Offensive take the physical skill needed in a sport and puts it into the head. These games will need a team to coordinate well throughout the game.

Before you quit your day job to commit your life to video games and esports. Understand this comes with hours on hours of practice. Most of the time the players tend to stream their progress as additional revenue.

The best plan of action is to find a team you have good chemistry and choose one game to focus on. Sit down on a stream and practice the game. Good luck gamers.

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