Thiel Students Party At The Black And White Ball

By Carlie Provident

The Black and White ball was held on Feb. 10, in the Bistro to celebrate a night of fun for both the students and alumni of Thiel College.

The Black and White ball is a tradition that is held by Thiel College each year for students, professors, and alumni to gather, talk, and have a fun time to either reminisce or just relax.

If an attending student, all one needed to do was show up in dress wear. If a student was bringing an individual from another school or who was an alumnus they needed to sign them up online for them to access the “free drinks” that were special for those of the age of 21 and over.

Food was provided for those who showed up at the dance. Freshly made warm pretzels with cheese, steak lettuce raps, chips and salsa, and chicken wraps were just some of the snacks that were offered.

Many people chose to get their drinks and food first, then find a seat where they and their friends, or dates could go to socialize and talk about “the good old times” or how they were doing now, or even plans of the future after their college careers were over.

The dance room was decorated and lit in a “out of this world” cosmic theme. There were purple, and blue lights aglow all through the dining area and dance areas. There were also many decorations that helped with making the area perfect for photos.

There was also a photo booth that was as soon as one would walk into the dance room doors. Seating two people at a time, either one and their date, or even a group of friends could carefully squeeze themselves into the booth and take three photos per visit.

The music played, varied from early 2000s to current music. A television was at the front of the dance floor where music videos were able to be viewed while the song was being played. Below the flat screen, there were request sheets where students could go and place a song title and artist and it would be played according to its spot on the list.

When it came time to leave everyone was seen saying their goodbyes, taking some food for the road and even getting last-minute photos.

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