Dear Taylor


Dear Juliet,

I’m writing in to talk about love advice dealing with a boy. How do I go about telling him I like him if we’ve been friends for so long. I want to admit my feelings for him to him, but I’m scared it would ruin the friendship we have. What should I do Juliet?




Dear Anonymous,

Falling in love with a friend is both a wonderful and distressing thing. I can understand your fear of losing a great friendship if your feelings aren’t reciprocated.  However, if you want to release yourself from limbo, tell him.  Explain how you feel.  It will take courage, but a wise man once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” and he is right. Things between you and him might become awkward, or he might like you back. Whatever it is, knowing will finally free you of the agony of constantly wondering. Good Luck!

With Love,


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