Drivers No Longer Needed: Autonomous Cars Are Here to Stay

By Adam Button

Development of self-driving cars push for hands off the wheel; will this make the driver’s license obsolete?

Reports from US News say that these self-driving cars have divided opinions in the public. However, the statistics from Google, Uber and Tesla show a much safer autonomous car.

Of the population that are aware of what self-driving cars truly are, 43% of them would not be willing ride inside of one, however, those unfamiliar with self-driving cars do not see the danger. This statistic shows the hesitation of people that know how self-driving cars work. If the people that understand something are afraid of it, then further development needs to tread with caution.

Keeping a positive public opinion is important if the product will be eventually transporting the public.

Across the board Google, Uber, and Tesla have shown self-driving cars cause significantly less accidents than cars driven by people. With 3,700 people around the world dying a day because of automobiles, a decrease in deaths when self-driving cars hit the consumer market would be something to look for.

The problem with autonomous cars is a loss of a freedom for the individual. While the world would most likely be safer if most cars were autonomous, the freedom that driving gives an individual: therapy, an escape, adventure, or joyous memories, would be gone.

What happens to the people who would have had that escape or adventure from driving a car?

When the technology develops consistent Level 5 autonomous cars (fully autonomous, no input from a driver), there will be no need for the population to acquire licenses or learn how to drive.

Of course, the self-driving cars could do what cars do today. Just without the human error.

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