It’s Corn!

By: Savannah Adans

Oct. 24th, 2022: Do you need something to do this fall? Fear not! Coolspring Corn Maze is an amazing place to visit with your partner of even by yourself. Coolspring offers a large list of attractions to participate in.

The list includes a corn maze, mechanical bull riding, a pony ride, a hayride, a corn pit, a haybale maze, rock mining, a 40’ slide, a 40’ jumping pad, a cow train, pumpkin blasters, and a pedal tractor racetrack. They have a small store that you can visit and buy many things. They sell pumpkins, sunflowers, honey sticks, and so much more! The best part is their location, only 17 miles from campus, so the drive is less than a half hour.

With so many activities, it is a hard choice to decide what to do first. Most people try to find their way out of the twisty corn maze, struggling to find where they are on the map. When they find their way out, they are brought to a building where they can pet some goats, ride a mechanical bull, and ride a pony. After wandering around for a little while, they find the saloon and might go pumpkin blasting or totally ignore the saloon and go for a hayride. Coolspring gives their visitors a wide variety of things to entertain themselves with.

One of my favorite things to do while I was there was rock mining. If you’ve never done it before, you buy a bag of sand, rocks, and gemstones and dump a small amount into a sifting pan before shaking it in the water. You can find so many beautiful stones in some of these bags. It is extremely enjoyable if you teach someone who has never done it before. Watching other people being happy is proven to bring most people happiness.

The fun doesn’t stop at the marketplace. You can buy a pumpkin and take it home. Afterwards, you can carve or even paint the pumpkin. If you decide to carve it, you could bake the seeds and eat them as a quick snack between your classes. Thanks to Coolspring, you can enjoy your fall all week long. It is a great place to get pictures, spend time with loved ones, and have some fall fun before it gets too cold.

P.S. Matching flannels with someone makes the visit so much more enjoyable.

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