The Thrill of Bid Day

By: Heather Farr

Feb. 20, 2023: Thiel College’s Greek life held its spring informal recruitment last week. Each sorority had an evening party that was available for potential new members to attend. At the end of the week, once each sorority has held the extent of their parties, the day known as bid day rolls around.

When you attend any of these parties you may receive a bid, or “offer.” You may then decide if you would like to accept the bid you have been given. Once you have made your decision, you attend bid day. All of the new members meet in Greenville Hall, and each sorority’s sisters wait outside to welcome a new sister to their sorority. After this, most sororities have a party with food, games, and music to let their new member meet some of their sisters.

During this Spring of 2023’s bid day, each of the four sororities patiently waited outside to welcome a new sister. Zeta Tau Alpha was the first to welcome a new sister. They received one new member. The next sorority to get new members was Sigma Kappa Gamma Delta. They were able to welcome two new sisters. The third sorority to welcome a new member was Chi Omega, they received one new sister. Lastly, Alpha Xi Delta welcomed one new member. Each new member joins their new sisters by running out of the double doors of Greenville Hall. They run straight into the arms of their sisters as if they were “running home”, while their new sisters are cheering them on.

Following bid day exertions, the sororities have small events planned to help make their new member feel welcome. If you missed out on attending recruitment do not fret, sisterhoods are still able to use continuous open bidding (COBs). This is where sororities can send you a bid even if you did not attend the recruitment process. Each sorority has a limited number of these to give based on the total number of members that are a part of their chapter. Watch out for COBs during the next few weeks. If you are interested in joining a sorority but want more information about where you want to call home, the option of waiting for fall (formal) recruitment is always available.

Congratulations to all the sororities and new members. You will begin to make some of the most unforgettable memories and friendships with your new sisters.

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